The esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) has today launched its esports specific online
anti-corruption education tutorial. The tutorial, which can be completed in around 30
minutes, is available to esports players and other participants so that they can achieve
a foundation level awareness of the rules governing betting on esports, the implications
of the growth of gambling alongside the threat to the sporting integrity of the industry,
how to recognise a match-fixing approach and what to do about it.

ESIC has been providing live face to face anti-corruption education to more than 400
professional players across CS:GO, DOTA2, LOL and SC2 in the last 18 months, but reaching
all esports players this way is very expensive, time-consuming and inevitably misses that large
constituency that don’t play in major LAN events. Consequently, this online tool provides an
easily accessible method for getting basic and vital knowledge out to the community.
The tutorial can be reached using this link:

Ian Smith, ESIC Integrity Commissioner, said, “The availability of this tutorial is a big step
forward in protecting esports from potential corrupting influences. Education is the best
deterrent to corrupt behavior. Unfortunately, most esports players are not familiar with sporting
regulations having not been part of an organised professional sports environment in the same
way as their peers in traditional sports, which makes this tutorial doubly important as esports
matures and the temptations of our ever growing betting markets become more and more

ESIC acknowledges the unwavering support of our members in getting this tutorial developed
and making it available. In particular, Sportradar, GameCo and our betting operator members
have contributed their ESIC member subscriptions specifically to our education fund and we
could not have got this done without them.

“ESIC’s ambition is to have every esports player participating in matches on which betting
markets are offered completing this tutorial. We will work with our tournament organiser and
publisher members to ultimately make it mandatory to have done this tutorial before competing
in prize money events,” Smith went on to explain. “We also aim to add an anti-doping element
in due course and to provide the tutorial in multiple languages. ESIC is committed to helping the entire esports ecosystem deal with threats to its integrity and we believe this tutorial to be
a seminal development in our efforts.”

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