The esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) today reduced the suspension on CS:GO
professional, Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat from 2 years to 6 months. This means he will
be free to play competitive CS:GO in ESIC Member events from 18th February 2018.

The reason for the reduction is that the player was able to persuade the Integrity
Commissioner that, technically, he had never been the owner under Valve’s terms of Service
of the relevant Stream Account (despite controlling it for a period of time) and that it had not
been him that had been VAC banned or that was responsible for the behaviour that lead to
the VAC ban. He did, however, still breach Valve’s ToS by trading in Steam Accounts and this
is prohibited, which is why the original sanction has not been expunged.

Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith, said, “It is important that esports professionals and all
gamers behave legally and ethically. The trade in Steam Accounts is both unethical and in
breach of terms agreed between the player and Valve when the account is opened. I trust the
price Forsaken has paid is a lesson to those who indulge in these practices and that they now
stop doing it.”

"I started playing professionally in India near January 2017 when I was asked to join this mix
team called Shooting Monkeys by my friend Swapnil. I got involved in account trading near
September 2016 because of mainly 3 reasons that I needed a break from CS:GO, I needed
some money during my college time and I was not completely aware of Valve's terms of
service on account selling or trading but I know that's not an excuse to do something illegal or
unethical or violating Valve's terms of service and I must serve punishment for this.” said
Forsaken when asked if he wished to add to this statement. He went on to say, “I'm glad I
never stopped practicing and learning new things about this game and I will finally be able to
play competitive CS:GO in near future. I'm very excited to restart my CS:GO career once I will
get the opportunity meanwhileIi'm going to practice even harder and help myself become a
better player than I ever was. Finally, I want to thank everyone who stood by my side and
helped me throughout this whole case, especially Anissa, Shounak, Archisman, Aks and my
previous team SemperX."

ESIC will make no further comment on this issue.

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