The Mission of ESIC is to be the recognised guardian of the integrity of Esports and to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping.

The purpose of these Principles is to set out, as clearly as possible, the shared values and visions essential to a united front against corruption in any form and forming the basis of the ESIC Programme of integrity measures. Each coalition member has bought into these core principles so that, whilst many Members may be in competition with each other commercially, they are as one when it comes to protecting the sport. Each Member has signed their commitment to these Principles and ESIC will be diligent in making their regulatory ambitions for the sport a reality through the Codes and Procedures set out in its Programme.


ESIC believes in a strong and vibrant global sport in which all players, professional and amateur, and all industry stakeholders can build a viable and successful career and industry in a safe, competitive and rewarding environment.

ESIC’s Principles cover six fundamental areas and give rise to required standards and structures which are vital for the accelerated future success of Esports. ESIC’s Principles are fair, reasonable and aspirational and are aimed at creating a coherent underlying philosophy for all stakeholders.

They will guide ESIC’s future activity and they will act as a set of benchmarks to which ESIC will be held accountable and will seek to hold the sport and its key stakeholders accountable. Most importantly, each Member of ESIC must agree to and enforce these Principles in their own part of the Esports industry as appropriate to the sector they occupy for the overall good of the sport.

  • Integrity and Respect

    ESIC will not tolerate cheating or abuse of any kind. All Participants must have respect for Officials, respect for opponents and respect for the Codes, Rules and Regulations of the sport.

  • Fair Process

    ESIC is committed to principles of natural justice and fair process and will ensure that any procedure adopted to implement Codes, Rules and Regulations is balanced, proportionate and fair to all parties.

  • Implementation, Education and Enforcement in Standardised Codes

    ESIC Members recognise the value and inherent clarity and fairness in implementing standardised (not necessarily identical), integrity Codes, Policies, Rules and Regulations across the whole of Esports. All stakeholders recognise that education is the best method of deterring corrupt activity and are committed to a robust and comprehensive education programme.

  • Recognition of sanctions

    ESIC Members are committed to recognising and enforcing the sanctions imposed on any person where ESIC or another Member of ESIC has imposed such sanction using a standard ESIC Code, Policy, Rule or Regulation.

  • Sharing of information

    ESIC Members agree that sharing of intelligence and information will enhance the fight against cheating and corruption and they will support ESIC’s intelligence gathering and investigatory function.

  • Confidentiality

    ESIC Members are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality in dealing with and communicating about integrity issues, especially where individuals are named and where unsubstantiated allegations can cause great damage. Consequently, ESIC and its Members will only make public statements regarding integrity issues in accordance with the ESIC Codes, Rules and Regulations and will use their best endeavours to protect the confidentiality of all parties to allegations and investigations unless and until such party has been found guilty of an offence under an ESIC Code, Policy, Rule or Regulation.

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